Welcome to FluffyDogTricks.com

Clancy holding flowers

Hello!  Thank you for your interest in dog tricks, especially those of the fluffy kind starring Trick Dog Champion, “Clancy”, the Keeshond!

You may already be familiar with Clancy through our blog at www.KeesOfDogsDelight.com where we share our experiences to hopefully encourage others to enrich their dogs’ lives through training, going out and about, dog sports and games, etc.  We also do feature a lot of Keeshond-oriented posts from time to time on that blog.

The purpose of www.FluffyDogTricks.com is mainly to just focus on Clancy’s tricks.  Through our travels and therapy dog visits, Clancy has created many fans.  We hope to share all of his tricks on here and even ones that we are still in progress of learning.  We’re just getting started, so please visit again soon!  (In the meantime, please visit our www.KeesOfDogsDelight.com blog!)

If you are interested in seeing Clancy’s tricks live in person, or would like to learn how to teach your dogs tricks, please visit my pet services business page:  www.FUNanimalPet.com

Enjoy and thank you for visiting!

Clancy one-dog band
Clancy won Best Dog Trick at the Pet Expo last year!




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